Many Steps Closer

We accomplished quite a bit today in the “quest” of moving home.

First, we went to “My Home Grand Furniture and Reno Expo 2013“, walked around and finally bought our couch.


20130915-004119.jpg We got this set in maroon, in line with the colour scheme in our home. After a quick bargaining, I think we got it at a pretty good price. I certainly look forward to our new couch that will be delivered in 2 weeks. 🙂

Next, we went back to our place and after taking a short rest and having dinner, Ben went to my parents’ place to coordinate the moving of our boxes while I continued to clear and wash the clothes in the wardrobe. And look what I found!

20130915-004551.jpg My class t-shirt from sec 4! Haha… Feels nostalgic looking at this.

20130915-004646.jpg I also found my good ol’ Radio Heatwave t-shirt from my final year in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Ahh… All the memories…

Ok, back to moving.

So today, we had a lot of help in moving because 4 friends were available. So everything has been cleared from my parents’ balcony and moved to our place.


20130915-005004.jpg This is probably about 1/3 of what they moved.

While the guys made a second trip to get more things from my parents’ place, I unpacked all the 4 boxes that were in the kitchen. *sense of achievement* Haha… It certainly helped that my cousin and my friend were around to babysit Phoebie. Thanks Bi Hsin and Li Qi for keeping Phoebie entertained while I quickly unpacked whatever was in the kitchen. 🙂

Also a big thank you to Edwin for arranging transport and even gathering the guys and lending a big hand in the move. Thanks too, to Derrick, Donavan and Yixian for helping to move the super dusty and heavy boxes. God knows how long we would have taken if not for you guys. 🙂

Now that the moving is done, the next thing to do would be to unpack, big time. Hopefully I will be as efficient as I was tonight, packing over the next week.


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