Finally! Cooking.

I brought Phoebie home again today to clean up whatever I could and to clear things away so that we have space for all the boxes when we move them home tomorrow.

So after some pushing, shuffling and a wee bit of unpacking, the living room is much clearer.

20130914-000604.jpg I can finally see floor! Though, it will be filled up again tomorrow. Haha… But at least we are progressing.

20130914-000713.jpg The boxes that I can’t unpack now are temporarily stuffed into the blue room.

What made me really happy today was getting to cook again after almost a year.

We were gonna gather at our friend’s place this evening and since one of our friends offered to cook mee soto for the adults, I offered to cook for the kids.

How nice it felt to be cooking again. I’m not sure about other mums but I do find cooking therapeutic. Haha…


20130914-001047.jpg I remember watching Master Chef Australia some time back and in one of the episodes, they taught that putting meat in the water before the water boils helps make the stock more flavourful, so that was what I did.

20130914-001243.jpg I also chopped up 3 carrots and put them in after the water boiled. Carrots take a while to soften, so I covered the pot and lowered the heat.


20130914-001514.jpg I also chopped up 1 broccoli and added it into the pot after the carrots were softened. And then I let the soup simmer for another 15 minutes or so.

20130914-001654.jpg While the soup was simmering, I used a tong to pick up the chicken pieces and shredded them. Why didn’t I just cut them smaller before I put them in the soup? Because my old knife isn’t very sharp, and it’s easier to shred meat after it is cooked.

20130914-001922.jpg Just for a little more flavour, I added one teaspoon of Knorr chicken stock. I like the no msg added one.

20130914-002125.jpg Tadah! With macaroni, the kids had chicken macaroni soup for dinner. πŸ™‚

While I was cooking, Phoebie was sleeping.

20130914-002302.jpg I was glad that she was finally willing to sleep on her own bed, albeit she took a long time to fall asleep.

Later in the evening, we went over to our friend’s place and did a surprise early birthday celebration for Ben. He will be busy with work on the actual day, so I thought something in advance would be nice.

20130914-002534.jpg And here are our 2 September babies! πŸ™‚

20130914-002635.jpg Thea looks simply adorable with that smile.

20130914-002731.jpg Here’s Thea and her mummy Elaine.

20130914-002817.jpg And here we are.

20130914-002919.jpg And everyone who was present at cake-cutting. Haha… Thanks for helping me with the early birthday celebration for Ben.


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