Relaxing Day

It’s another day of taking a break from unpacking.

We went to hang out at our friend, Faezah’s place and all the girls had fun together.


20130912-233041.jpgThis water table kept the girls entertained for quite a while.

I told Faezah that the layout of her block is fantastic because she has some space outside her place where her kids can play with things like this water table and the neighbours still have their space.

Later in the evening, we went to Grand Shanghai for a function.

20130912-233554.jpg The ‘live’ band there is quite nice.

20130912-233659.jpg Phoebie, seeing that people clap for the band, decided to have a little concert of her own.

20130912-233824.jpg And then she found a partner to join her concert. Haha…

20130912-233931.jpg Grand Shanghai served what is apparently shanghai dessert for the function. It’s a pity I don’t know how to appreciate it.

Alright, after 2 days of break, it’ll be back to cleaning up and (limited) unpacking tomorrow!


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