Kiddy Fun @ The Grandstand

Since there isn’t much I can unpack at my place (because the boxes are still at my parents’ place), I took a break from the unpacking “fun” and brought Phoebie out today with my fellow SAHM friends and their kids.

Some time in July, we had bought a groupon for this indoors play facility at the Grandstand (formerly known as Turf City) called Kiddy Fun.

20130911-194653.jpg The pictures on the groupon made the place look very big and fun, so even though its location is not very accessible to us, we decided to buy the groupon so that we could bring the kids there during school holidays, like today.

20130911-194849.jpg These are the usual charges, so the groupon was definitely worth it.

When we first got to Kiddy Fun, I was a little disappointed because the place is definitely not as big as how the pictures look. I guess pictures can be deceiving.

20130911-195055.jpg This place also reminded me of Singkids, only with a more homely touch.


20130911-195227.jpg Despite its small vicinity compared to other places, like Fidgets which is also at the Grandstand, the seating and rest area is certainly not small. I liked that they had books and magazines for both adults and kids.

20130911-195441.jpg Simple refreshment can also be purchased at the counter.

As Phoebie started playing, it looked like she really liked the place.






20130911-195831.jpg Phoebie was pretty much jumping and climbing everywhere.

Her friends had fun too!




Here are some of my favourite parts of Kiddy Fun:

20130911-200136.jpg There was a small area where younger children can play.

20130911-200258.jpg Foam blocks are available, so kids can challenge their creativity if they are tired of climbing and jumping.

20130911-200417.jpg The ball pool is for kids only, and it’s not so deep that kids can hide themselves inside.


20130911-200559.jpg I love this tunnel/maze that is right under the balloon arena. Kids can crawl and explore. I tried going in and it is no place for adults though. Haha… Ben would probably get stuck inside if he tried to go in.



20130911-200815.jpg This little dresser is just awesome for little girls to play pretend at. Phoebie and Sophie had so much fun there, and it was really amusing to watch them explore the various “make up” things there.

Another thing I really loved was how we could keep an eye on the kids from the seating area. The seating area is parallel to the entire play area, so if we cannot spot the kids in one area, we could simply scan through the entire play area and we are likely to see where the kids are (unless they are in the tunnel).

So I guess at the end of the day, I loved that Kiddy Fun is small! Hahaha…

We will definitely make another trip to Kiddy Fun some day. 🙂


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