I wanted to go back to our place to do more work today, so I brought Phoebie out for lunch and then back home to do whatever I could.

20130910-214856.jpg Phoebie insisted on bringing her blow-up cow with us. I was thinking that if that would keep her occupied while I clean up the house, I didn’t mind.

I wanted to eat pizza, so I decided to bring Phoebie to Pizza Hut.

20130910-214723.jpg I was pleasantly surprised when I was told that the kids’ meal came free with an ala carte order. That gave me a reason to order some spicy drumlets. Haha…

After running some errands, we took a cab back to our place.

20130910-215130.jpg Miss Cheeky insisted that the cow had to be buckled up with her.

20130910-215217.jpg The first thing she did when we got home was to bounce on her bed. It’s a good thing we decided not to get her a bed frame for now. I cannot imagine the danger she will be in if she bounces on the bed while I am busy in another part of the house.

20130910-215420.jpg I needed somewhere for Phoebie to nap, so I whipped out my trusty Dyson DC26 to clean up Phoebie’s new bed first.

While I was cleaning up, Phoebie entertained herself.

20130910-220113.jpg She seemed to love the small mattress when I took it out. I wonder if it’s because I used to put her there when she was a baby. Haha…

I quickly vacuumed the small mattress, as well as some pillows we kept in boxes, so that Phoebie could nap comfortably.

20130910-220511.jpg After tossing and turning on her bed, Phoebie told me she wanted to sleep on the thinner mattress instead. Haha… I guess as long as she could sleep, it’s alright.

While she slept, I quickly went on to unpack and clean whatever I could. Only thing I couldn’t do anymore was vacuum.

I realized there weren’t many boxes I could unpack since most of our boxes are still at my parents’ place, so there was a limit of how much I could unpack.

I ended up packing things to throw away. Haha… All my old shoes were thrown away.

Oh, and I did major washing. The washing machine was running most of the time I was home today. Bed sheets, pillow cases, towels and blankets were all washed.

The other thing I did was to decorate. Haha…

20130910-221406.jpg Tadah! My Polaroid wall has found its place in the house!

20130910-221458.jpg The other thing I put up was the rectangular sign. Thought it would go with the fish that is at the door.

So after today’s cleaning and unpacking (and some decorating), the whole house still looks… Unhomely… Haha…

20130910-221701.jpg The living room is still a mess.

20130910-221737.jpg The dining area is kind of half done up.

20130910-221830.jpg The playroom aka my future work room is now a… Drying room.

20130910-221919.jpg The master bedroom looks kind of like a storeroom.

20130910-222013.jpg The one place that looks most homely now is Phoebie’s room. Haha… No wonder she is so comfortable in there.

Let’s hope we can get more done soon. I really want to get the unpacking done and over with. Haha…


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