Venture Preparation & Unpacking At Home

In preparation for the upcoming launch of my switch from SAHM to WAHM, I got a new device, based on my preference.

20130909-230255.jpg Special thanks to my friend Jeremy for getting me a great deal. Even with a new venture, great deals are important. Save money and get good freebies.

So with the new device, I spent the first half of my day staring at this:

20130909-230530.jpg tons of files to transfer. Haha…

Phoebie saw me doing this and told me she wanted to do work too. Haha…

So today’s preparation work was mainly on the device. At least I have more things done.

To keep up some pace with unpacking at our place, we also went back to move things and unpack.

The cleaner hired by our interior designer had cleaned our places yesterday, so the whole house is much cleaner and easier to unpack into.


20130909-231149.jpg The bathrooms are finally not covered in dust!! So much better now.

20130909-231307.jpg Ben found a box containing Phoebie’s books and I quickly unpacked that. At least there are now things to entertain her with when we go back to unpack again, better than her always hiding in the wardrobe. Haha…

More unpacking to do tomorrow!! Time to rest for now.


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