Siblings’ Birthday Party

We celebrated 2 adorable siblings’ birthday today.

20130908-202001.jpg Blessed Birthday, Leo and Sera! They look so sweet!

The party was held at the McDonald’s at Kallang. I love how the games the host organized were age-appropriate, simple yet fun.

There was a small indoor playground in the same vicinity but the kids were so engaged by the games that they stayed in the party room instead.


20130908-202258.jpg I didn’t see the games played earlier but I really liked this one. The kids were lined in 2 rows and they scooped ping pong balls from a basket, walked a couple of steps and put the ping pong balls into another basket.

I also loved that everything was done in an orderly fashion. The kids were asked to queue up whenever there was something to be collected.

20130908-202550.jpg Phoebie is still not very good at queuing up and waiting for her turn, so I thought how the party was conducted was a very good lesson.

20130908-202724.jpg Happy Phoebie learnt to queue up and got her party hat. πŸ™‚




Blessed Birthday, Sera and Leo. May you both always be loving siblings as you grow up together. πŸ™‚ Thank you for having us at your party!


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