Term Break Starts

Phoebie’s term break, as like any child in kindergarten, started today.

I wonder if she was too excited about it, because she woke up at 4am, got out of her toddler bed and walked all over our bed. She tried to lie down between Ben and I and then walked all over the bed again. She did it until I got rather annoyed that we couldn’t sleep and rest properly.

“Enough! Go back to your bed!” I told her on a hushed tone. She started crying but I told Ben to ignore her. I heard Phoebie sniffle a while more before she got back into her own bed to go back to sleep.


And with that, she continued to sleep all the way till 10.30am. Haha… Holiday mood indeed.


20130906-203658.jpg Happy Phoebie stayed in her pjs and watched her favourite Angry Bird Toons until I asked her if she wanted Angry Bird udon for lunch. I knew she would say yes, and that would get her to wash up.

20130906-203851.jpg This is how much she loves Angry Bird Toons. All cleaned up and back watching the short clips.

20130906-204003.jpg Tadah! Angry Bird udon at Sakae Sushi. This is part of the kids’ menu, so the portion is just right for Phoebie.

20130906-204110.jpg Udon is one of those things she will happily feed herself.

20130906-204222.jpg After lunch, we went to Kiddy Palace where Phoebie told me, “You are going to buy something for me, right?” Hahaha… I told her that we will see how it goes.

I looked around for something Phoebie would be interested in or to learn with but couldn’t find anything this time. Phoebie must have forgotten about it when we left because she didn’t ask about buying toys after that. Once again, I thought this was a good lesson for Phoebie because I don’t want her to think that every trip to the toy store means getting a new toy.

20130906-204631.jpg Phoebie said she wanted to sit on the kiddy ride before we went to get groceries, so I let her play there for a while.

It felt nice not having to rush Phoebie through what she wanted to do. Perhaps that is something I have to do more – let Phoebie take her time. At least she can enjoy what she is doing. She can learn about rushing when she eventually grows up.

Alright, time to think of what to do for the week-long term break, other than unpacking into our home. Haha…


2 thoughts on “Term Break Starts

  1. I heard from friends that some markets carry the angry bird and hello kitty “fish cake”. But then more convenient to eat out. hehe… 🙂 Enjoy the term break!

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