Renovation Update

So the renovation of our home is finally completed. All that’s left now is for the general cleaning to be done, and for us to shift all the furniture into their rightful positions.

The part I love most about the work we did this time is this:

20130905-224313.jpg I love the wallpaper!! Haha… I’m glad we did it in the end cos it looks nice.

The bathroom door in the master bedroom has also finally been changed.

20130905-224455.jpg We finally have more space between the door and the toilet bowl. This was one thing we overlooked when we first bought our place. Now that we have rectified the problem, we’ll be more comfortable when we move back.


20130905-224723.jpg Phoebie got to see the pink room she asked for and she was totally in love with the colour. Hopefully this will help when we eventually ask her to sleep by herself in her room.

When we got to our place, I was surprised to see that the new mirror we were installing in the living room wasn’t up yet.

It so happened that the contractors came to install it while we were there.

20130905-225045.jpg The shelf was shifted there to hold the mirror while the glue behind it dries and secures it in position. I must say that I really love the mirror. Haha…

Counting down to moving home! šŸ™‚ But also means counting down to finally unpacking the many boxes we shipped back from the US. I hope we’ll be efficient with the unpacking. Haha…


2 thoughts on “Renovation Update

  1. Happy unpacking. There must be quite a bit of boxes. We had our fair share when we moved from Singapore to Suzhou, and within one year, we shifted from one apartment to another, and within another year, we shifted from Suzhou to Hong Kong. The amount of packing and unpacking just keeps growing. šŸ™‚

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