Phoebie Skips School

Phoebie woke up telling me she didn’t want to go to school. And so, she didn’t go to school. Hahaha… I have this thought that, well, her school is playgroup anyway, so it’s okay for her to skip it once in a while.

So with her not going to school, I decided to bring her for breakfast.

20130903-224512.jpg She wanted her hash brown!! Hahaha…

20130903-224644.jpg Happy girl with hash brown


20130903-224737.jpg I guess allowing her to skip school also allows us some quality breakfast time. Watching her enjoy her food, I think it’s worth it.

We spent the morning at the community library and Phoebie got shushed by different librarians. I tried my best to demonstrate speaking softly but she was just too excited to keep her volume down, or at least not low enough for the librarians.

Which made me wonder. I know we are supposed to keep our volume down in the library, but how realistic is it to expect a pre-schooler to always remember that.

Oh well… We didn’t stay long at the library after that.

I think at this point, Phoebie belongs in the playground. Hahaha…


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