30 Ways You Know You Are A Parent

One of my fellow mummy friends shared this article on Facebook today and I loved it.


After reading, I felt inspired to make my own little list.

You know you’re a Parent when:

1. You order your favourite ice tea from Starbucks and only get to drink 1/3 of it.

2. You think puréed broccoli/peas smells gross but you make/buy it anyway.

3. Just as you are falling deep asleep, you are awakened by someone rolling over your head.

4. You see a pile of toilet paper in the living room and you immediately know why.

5. You drive your car while the lullaby plays on your car stereo.

6. You take your car for a spin and it’s not because you want to.

7. You see poop and you say, “Well done! You pooped in the potty!”

8. You smell poop and you think, “Not again!!”

9. You smell poop and you think, “Finally! After 3 days!”

10. You hear a little fart sound and you think, “So cute!”

11. You come home and find a wall decorated by crayons

12. You have stickers on your smart phone and you are not the one who stuck them there.

13. You have a cartoon/animal picture on your phone cover and it’s not because it’s your favourite.

14. You have tea with your friends and your conversation is punctuated with “Sit down on ur chair now!” or “I told you that you can’t run in here!”

15. Your TV is showing Disney Junior/Nick Junior/Baby TV as long as it is turned on before 9pm.

16. You go groceries shopping alone and feel very at peace while the trip lasts.

17. You find joy in getting great deals… For diapers and formula.

18. You feel like a cow because you are producing milk.

19. You go “weeee” when you go down a slide.

20. You feel strange when you are not pushing something as you walk.

21. You unknowingly rock/sway side to side when you are standing.

22. You nudge the person beside you when you hear crying at night and say, “It’s your turn” or “she is crying for mummy/daddy”.

23. You queue for toys and it’s not for yourself.

24. You buy a house because there are good schools nearby.

25. You buy toys and look at the educational functions.

26. You try to braid hair in all ways you know, and it’s not your own hair.

27. You say “naughty corner” or “time-out” 20 times a day.

28. You clap gleefully after singing nursery rhymes

29. You feel a little hand holding your finger and you feel all warm inside.

30. You know you have to be super, because someone thinks you are.


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