One of my very hands-on and talented friends recently started making children’s clothes. She started from making adorable dresses for her own daughter, and now she has built a following on Instagram. Just yesterday, she finally created a Facebook page to share what she does.

20130828-220629.jpg Xoxohandmade is lovingly made by my friend, Joann.

Here are some of her works:




20130828-220816.jpg Aren’t the dresses sweet?

Here are two of my favourites:


20130828-221002.jpg I’m also trying to decide which one of these two to get for Phoebie’s birthday.

Seeing my SAHM friends putting their interests into a venture always makes me wonder whether I should do something too.

Should I go from being a SAHM to a WAHM?

Some friends have asked me if I wanted to sell my knitted products. To date, I have knitted for many of my friends’ babies.

These are just some of what I have done:





Another thing I have considered doing is to do photo shoots, specifically for children. I enjoy working with them and I love photographing children. I recently did one photo shoot for my friend Elaine’s then 10-month-old daughter.

The other group of people I would love to photograph is pregnant ladies. I’ve done a few maternity shoots for my friends and I totally enjoyed them.

These are some of the photos that I took for my friends:






I have a few considerations as to whether I should turn my interests into something I work from home:
1. Am I good enough?
2. Will people be interested to buy/hire?
3. Will I lose the passion for what I love doing if I feel stressed when it is work?

Loads to think about…

In the meantime, I must say, Joann, I’m proud of you! 🙂 Well done on making such beautiful clothing. But please pace yourself. Remember to factor in rest time too. ;P


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