Crying Day

I wasn’t the one crying today. Phoebie was.

For some reason, her respond to “It’s potty time” or “We are going out now, go get your shoes” or “You cannot touch the flowers” was wailing plus throwing herself on the floor.

Her crying today made me very frustrated and I ended up shouting at her a few times, something I didn’t want to do. It didn’t help that my parents tried to intervene, despite my repeated reminder not to get involved whenever I am disciplining Phoebie.

Her usual “naughty corner” is outside our room and Phoebie would walk over n stand there whenever we told her to. But with all the additional voices today, I got rather fed-up and told her to go into our room. I told her to let me know when she was done crying and screaming and closed the door.

I then waited for a few minutes before I opened the door. She would look at me with teary eyes and said she was done with crying.

Sigh… Frustrating but… What to do?

During one of her tantrums today, this was what happened.

20130828-001334.jpg I thought it was sweet of her to apologise.

After the multiple tantrums today (a rare day that she throws so many tantrums all in one day), one important lesson I have learnt is, there’s really no point in raising my voice when Phoebie is throwing a hissy fit. She is busy crying and hearing me yell probably scares or agitates her even more.

Another lesson I learnt is, it is probably better to put Phoebie in a safe place first and walk away for a while to cool off than to act on my frustrations with her behaviour. We can talk about it later when she has stopped crying and can listen better.

The third lesson I have learnt today is, it takes repetition, over and over again to remind Phoebie that it is not play to throw a tantrum just because she wants to do something. And repetition means a test of patience for the parents.

I’m hoping for a happier tomorrow with lesser or (best if) no tantrums. Hahaha… We shall see.


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