Blue Monday

Blue Monday starts with the daughter refusing to wake up for school. By the time she is willing to wake up, school has already started, so you decide that she is going to skip school. Until she insists that no, she still wants to go to school, however late it already is.

So you try to rush her to wash up, but she decides that even though she is late, it is okay to take her own sweet time on the potty.

And when you tell her again that she is not going to school, she insists that she is, once again taking her time to get dressed and wear her shoes.

Blue Monday punctuates itself with the daughter eating the lunch well and taking her nap at the right time, only to have the little girl try your patience once again at dinner. Dinner takes extra long because you want her to know she isn’t getting off her booster seat until she eats a good portion of the food in her bowl.

Blue Monday continues to hit you hard as you try to discipline the tantrum-throwing child with your mother trying to interfere here and there.

Blue Monday then eats you up wholesale as you read a string of text messages that attempt to soak you in guilt and throw you uncontrollably in tears.

Blue Monday finally slows down when you bring your daughter to say her nightly prayers for your parents, and when the little one is tucked in bed.

And now, it’s time to take a deeeeep breath. Blue Monday, I will not be defeated. Mean and difficult as you try to be, no I will not back down.

And you, don’t you think for one moment that you have won. No.


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