Brunch @ Boomarang

We were at Robertson area, looking for a brunch place that I saw online. Somehow, we couldn’t find that place, but as we were looking, we walked past Boomarang, and I saw the patrons there eating brunch. I told Ben that we should just try the food there. I was hungry and was tired of looking for the other place. Hahaha… Ben agreed to try and we asked for a table.

Boomarang is an Australian restaurant and most of the patrons there are foreign expatriates. The place is big and spacious and while it was a hot day, the temperature was comfortable in the al fresco setting.

20130825-213348.jpg This is but a segment of the restaurant. The whole place is much bigger than this.

20130825-213534.jpg The kids menu has a pretty good selection. Oh, and the messy colours are Phoebie’s work. Haha…

20130825-213708.jpg This is but a portion of Boomarang’s breakfast menu.

Because the place is big, I thought we would have to wait long for our food, but to my surprise, our orders were served in less than 15 minutes.

20130825-213813.jpg Tadah! Phoebie’s kid’s meal of sausage and hash brown with toastie fingers.

20130825-214017.jpg Ben’s order of steak and eggs. He gave a 7.5 out of 10 points for this.

20130825-214309.jpg My order of “Boomarang Benedict” with additional mushrooms on the side. I like this set because the potato was very nicely done. It is of few brunch places where I don’t find the potato too salty. However, I finished everything except the potato, because the portion is very big. Hahaha.. 7.5 out of 10 points from me for this.

20130825-215006.jpg Phoebie seemed to like her food too. She doesn’t always finish eating sausage when we order for her and usually goes more for the hash brown. With Boomarang, she preferred the sausage to the hash brown.

What was most enjoyable was the time we had together as a family, taking our time with food and enjoying one another’s company.

20130825-214751.jpg What a lovely sight. Father and daughter having a good meal together.

Quite a lot of people bring children to Boomarang, and while it doesn’t have a play area, I think it’s worth having a meal there as a family.


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