For Mummies

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, and before I head out, I want to share these 2 articles that someone shared on Facebook.

20130824-081816.jpg I think not just stay-at-home-mums, but all mummies can high-five one another after reading the answer portion. 😉

20130824-082029.jpg This was shared by Julie Workman. I was trying not to laugh out loud when I read this because Ben and Phoebie are still sleeping. Hahaha…

Have a good weekend!


One thought on “For Mummies

  1. wahaha! i LOLed when I read the “dad” article… and kudos to that newspaper article… yes, many non-moms have no idea what kinda stress mommies have to go through… not just the daily normal routine that everyone else does, but that plus anxiety for the safety/education/whatnots for the child… all moms must be nodding in agreement with the reply!

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