Renovation Update

The renovation for our home has finally started and we went back this morning to take a look.

20130822-223153.jpg I must say that the colours of the wall look about one time lighter in this photo than what it actually looks like. This is Phoebie’s room and the colours were chosen at her request.

20130822-223347.jpg Again, the colours are coming off too light in this photo. This is the play/music room. We wanted something different from the rest of the house for this room.

20130822-223932.jpg I’m glad the painters sealed up our walk-in wardrobe, so nothing will get stained from accidental paint drips.

This afternoon, the contractors went in to work on the parquet flooring in the rooms. One step closer to moving home 🙂

By the way, someone shared this article on Facebook today and I think it hits home with us stay-at-home-mums.

Enjoy the read!


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