Leapfrog Discount at Kiddy Palace

I happened to bring Phoebie to Kiddy Palace today and while she was playing with some of the toys on display, I looked around for educational toys.

As I looked around, I saw a shelf of Leapfrog toys and looked at the different functions. And then I saw

20130821-223923.jpg Woohoo! Haha… I love Leapfrog products because they are very educational but I always hesitate to buy them because they can be a bit pricey. The only Leapfrog I bought for Phoebie was a Leaptop. I had gotten it for her in the US when it was on sale.

Today, this one caught my attention.

20130821-224344.jpg The Scribble & Write is not a new product and I have seen Phoebie play with it before when we visit some of our friends. However, I have never really paid attention to how it works because Phoebie was younger then and she just wanted to, well, scribble.

I asked Phoebie to try this toy again today and I noticed that because the stylus pen is thick, Phoebie was holding it like she would a pencil and her grip was correct. This was a far difference from how she would hold her crayons.

Next, I read the description on the back of the box.

20130821-224808.jpg It was then I realized that Phoebie can learn to write English letters with the help of this toy.

Phoebie does learn to write using some of the apps we downloaded for her on the iPad, but I think writing with her index finger and writing with a pen is different.

20130821-225057.jpg The discounted price made me decide that it was okay to go ahead and buy this for Phoebie. Haha…

We opened this up after dinner and I let Phoebie fiddle with it for a while as I observed her. I noticed that she was trying to follow the instructions but didn’t always get what it meant. I then guided her along by holding her hand while she held the stylus pen. After a few tries, Phoebie understood how it worked.

I certainly like that Phoebie gets to learn to recognize and write alphabet letters on this toy. The functions include learning both upper case and lower case letters, as well as drawing shapes.


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