Bishan Park Playground

20130819-224152.jpgWe hung out at our friend’s place today and brought all the kids to Bishan Park in the evening to play at the playground.

This is my first time to the playground there and I love the sand area.



20130819-224514.jpgOur kids loved playing there. They got busy digging and scooping all the sand. I loved it too because the sand is fairly clean.

20130819-224608.jpg This particular equipment caught my attention. It works like an excavator, and it is quite fun. The only thing though, is that the handling is rather heavy, so kids who want to play have to be quite strong.

I really liked the playground because its not easy to find sand playgrounds in Singapore anymore, what more a rather clean one.

This is also the first time I stayed so long at Bishan Park and I really enjoyed it because the landscape there gives a tranquil feel, despite the park’s location, which is between two very developed housing estates.


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