Bestie Bonding.

I see my best friend, Gwen, almost every Sunday when we go to church together. But we don’t get to talk much even then because we may not have lunch together every week. And we hold back on certain topics because we have kids around us.

Thanks again to Ben for watching Phoebie today, I got to have a much awaited afternoon spent with my best friend.


20130817-222225.jpg I really love that she enjoys food too. She was going to have a late lunch when we met, so while she ate and I snacked, we chatted.

Nothing beats having a friend whom you can share everything and anything with. And I like to think that nothing beats meeting face to face and sitting down to have a good conversation. Sure, we can send text messages to share our concern for each other. But to see each other and talk, that is something we both treasure.

20130817-222551.jpg Knitting is a hobby we both share. Prior to becoming a Mum, I would meet Gwen often to sit down, chat and knit together at a cafe. We would compare projects and share the different patterns we came across.

Today was the first time in more than 2 years that we got to knit together and it felt really nice.

20130817-222836.jpg Here’s Gwen trying to figure out a project she has left in her cupboard for 2 years and is picking up again. Hahaa… And it was because I suggested we did some knitting. I wonder how long the project would sit in her cupboard otherwise. Hehe..

Gwen and I are at different stages in life at this point. She is just about to settle down and is waiting for her new home to be built, while I am figuring out how to be a mother. What I’m thankful for is how we are always there for each other, every step of the way.

I truly appreciate today’s little bonding because it isn’t every day that I get to go out alone with Gwen. No one else, not even the guys or Phoebie to come along. Sure, it’s fun to have them when we meet, but to meet the best friend alone is different.

Thanks for meeting me today, girl. šŸ™‚

And thanks, Ben, for watching the little one so that I can have some quality time with my best friend.


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