At The Toy Store On A Weekday

Phoebie and I went to meet our friends today at Vivocity, after running an errand at Harbourfront.

While waiting for our friends, I brought Phoebie to Toys ‘R’ Us. She loved looking at and trying out all the different toys there.

When we were there, I suddenly realized how much I loved going to the toy store on a weekday.

20130813-220745.jpg The whole place was fairly empty, and Phoebie could take her time to explore.



20130813-220909.jpg She went to some of the toys that caught her attention and tried each one.

20130813-221007.jpg I was quite tickled when she picked up this phone. She said, “Hello Mama, are you going to buy something for me?” I laughed and said, “No, I already bought some things for you this week.” Phoebie didn’t really bother what I said and moved on to explore the next toy.

After she was done exploring, we left Toys ‘R’ Us, and we didn’t buy anything.

I remember once reading an article about bringing children to the toy store with the sole intention of just looking around, and letting children know that we don’t always have to buy something just because we are at the toy store. I can’t find the same article but found something similar.

I like the part of this article that says, “When you have time, and you’re going to be near the toy store anyway, head on in for a few minutes, but keep your wallet in your pocketbook. Explain to your toddler that this is a “just looking” visit — you’re not buying anything. The point in making these trips: They’ll teach your toddler that not every adventure at the toy store ends in a big payoff. So when you have to buy a holiday present for your niece or a gift for your coworker’s new baby, your tot may be (more) okay with not being on the receiving end of your generosity.”

How true. Children need to learn that not every trip to a toy store or toy department mean that they get to have a new toy.


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