Making Cards with Pictures Children Colour

Phoebie has recently been into colouring pictures in colouring books that we got her.


20130812-180009.jpg She would ask us to open her box of 蜡笔 (crayons) and off she goes on the picture(s) she chooses.

Sometimes she will finish colouring the picture, and some days, she will just doodle what she feels like.

20130812-180627.jpgBecause she colours a lot, I often wonder what to do with the pictures after she is done. If I were to keep them, there’d be tons of pictures and they might become clutter. But if I throw them away, I feel like it’s a waste.

And then I thought, I might as well cut out the pictures and keep them somewhere for future use.


20130812-181006.jpg I keep the pictures I cut out in a multi-pocket folder so that I don’t lose them.

When occasions like… Say… Teachers’ Day come, Phoebie can make a card with the pictures she coloured earlier.

20130812-181525.jpg I got her to choose the colors of paper she wanted for her teachers, as well as what pictures she wanted to paste on the pieces of paper.

20130812-181653.jpg Next, she got to apply the glue.

20130812-181745.jpg And then paste the pictures on the paper.

Phoebie doesn’t know how to write yet, so I wrote on the cards for her.


20130812-181903.jpg And done!

Don’t ask me why Phoebie chose those pictures for her teachers. I like to think that children choose with their own special logic.

So… Okay, the pictures that Phoebie coloured have been reused and they didn’t go to waste, AND she got to practice applying glue and pasting the pictures 🙂


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