I had to wake up very early today because I had something to do in church. I had to arrive in church by 7.15am, which means I had to wake up… Much earlier than my usual hours. Haha… It didn’t help that I didn’t sleep well last night. So the whole day, I was quite sleepy.

When we finally got home at about 6 in the evening, I was beat. I told Ben that I needed a nap, and asked him to watch Phoebie while I did.

The nap took longer than I expected, and I slept until about 8.30pm. Thankfully, Ben settled dinner and watched Phoebie while I rested.

I’m glad I allowed myself that rest, because I would probably be more grumpy and less patient with Phoebie if I didn’t. Just like how a child may get cranky when she lacks rest, I think as parents, we sometimes forget how much we need rest too, and how that lack of rest can impact us.

Sure, there are (many) days when we really cannot afford the time to rest. There are always things to do around the house, and the child(ren) need(s) someone to be there. But a well-rested parent is important too. A well-rested parent probably won’t blow her top as easily, and can enjoy the parent-child bonding more.

I recognize that today’s long nap is a luxury and I treasure it. Even more so, I’m thankful for a husband who takes over when I need rest. Parenting is a partnership and we need to “rotate duties” sometimes. When he needs rest, I take over and when I need rest, he takes over.

By taking turns to rest, we are restful and are (hopefully) able to be more patient with Phoebie and less “cranky” with her. 🙂


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