Singapore’s 48th National Day

This year is Phoebie’s first time celebrating National Day in Singapore.

All day, we tried to instill some excitement in her about Singapore’s birthday and she seemed to get the idea. She asked if there will be a cake. Haha… So we got a small slice for her, just for the festivities.

Before that, we wanted to get her a small flag, but it turns out that we were too late on that idea.

20130809-212333.jpg With all flags sold out, we decided to make one for her.


20130809-212501.jpg She loved the home-made flag and waved it excitedly as we watched the National Day Parade from my parents’ home.

20130809-212852.jpgWe explained each segment of the parade and got her to look out for the men and women in uniform.

20130809-212910.jpg When she saw the trumpets played, she wanted to join in.

20130809-213118.jpg We were pleasantly surprised when Phoebie recited the National Pledge together with us.

20130809-213230.jpg As NDP 2013 drew to a close, Phoebie excitedly sang a happy birthday song for Singapore and enjoyed some cake.

I’m quite glad that we managed to get Phoebie hyped up for this year’s National Day celebration.

At almost 3 years old, Phoebie spent half her time living overseas. While we enjoyed our time living in the US, I really hope Phoebie will grow to love Singapore the way we do.

This year’s NDP was truly marvelous. I loved how they told the old stories of Singapore using changing panels of colours.

I also loved how local athletes were involved in the performance. It helps instill a sense of pride and appreciation we have for our very own sportsmen.

The different stories of Singaporeans were also shared through a video montage. From different vocations to ex-cons, to the hearing impaired, the video depicts different lives that Singaporeans lead.

We may not always be happy with what happens in Singapore, but we all belong to this small but powerful city-state. I pray that as Phoebie grows, she learns how everyone plays a role in our nation, whether big or small.

20130809-214835.jpg We have lived overseas before but no where is quite the same. Happy birthday, Singapore. May you continue to enjoy racial harmony, peace and prosperity. Majulah, Singapura!


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