Throw Up Day

Phoebie threw up 3 times today. Once when she just had her morning milk, a second time right before lunch and a third time at dinner.

It’s not like her to throw up right after her morning milk. The only time she might throw up is at night, when she may have been too full. So I was a bit shocked when she did it in the morning. Even though she had thrown up, she wasn’t lethargic and wasn’t running a fever. She said she wanted to go to school, so I let her, since her school only lasts about 2 hours.

After school, she was still alright and was her usual active self.

It wasn’t until we reached our lunch place that she started looking lethargic and as though she was in pain. Next thing I knew, she threw up again. This time, it was whatever party food she had in school.

Again, I wanted to cancel lunch but Phoebie looked alright after I cleaned her up at the washroom in the mall. And she said she wanted to eat udon. I was a little skeptical but decided to press on for lunch.

By the time we got home after lunch, she felt rather warm. I was worried that she would throw up again, so I lined her bed with a towel as she went down for a nap.

When she woke up, she was active again, albeit a little warm still. She took her snacks and looked alright.

On the way to dinner, however, she kept telling us, “Oh… My tummy… My tummy…”. We knew she wasn’t going to eat a lot for dinner, since she wasnt looking very well.

Sure enough, at the first bite, she threw up again, not a lot, but enough for us to know that we needed to bring her to the doctor.

After dinner, we brought her to Mount Alvernia Hospital’s 24hr clinic. And we are still here as I type. The doctor had seen Phoebie and said she has stomach flu. There’s a lot of gas in her tummy.

We are waiting here as the pill that the nurse slipped in Phoebie’s butt takes effect. The pill will help prevent vomiting. After an hour, Phoebie will have a dose of medicine before we go home with the rest of the prescription.

Phoebie somehow knew something was up when the nurse asked her to lie down and she refused. In the end, we had to gently pin her down for the pill to be slipped in. She cried for a while, until we told her that she was very brave. She wiped her tears quietly and agreed that she was brave. Haha…

It’s not easy to keep Phoebie occupied at this hour and wait for one hour.

20130807-222640.jpg So here she is, walking around.

20130807-222859.jpg Thank goodness for this little corner in the waiting room. With toys, paper and colour pencil, at least Phoebie has something to do now.

20130807-222958.jpg It’s not a lot of toys, but it’s enough to keep her busy for a while.

I can only pray that she gets better from here and that the stomach flu goes away fast. And I hope the hour passes soon so that we can go home.


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