313@Somerset Playground

I would think that this playground at 313@Somerset has been around for a while but I haven’t brought Phoebie there till today.


20130805-220214.jpg This playground is located at level 5, where Food Republic is. It is on the Sky Terrace right outside Toastbox, so if you don’t know the place well, you might miss it totally.




20130805-220428.jpg It’s not a big playground but it has things for both big and small kids.

The last picture is of an electronic educational machine which older kids should be able to enjoy.

Not sure if the location is a factor but there were no other kids there when my friends and I got there.

I think it’s a nice and safe place for kids to play while adults enjoy a cuppa at Toastbox.

The down side though, is that because it is an al fresco setting, kids could get affected by the dust from the construction that is currently going on across the street.

If you don’t mind the slight dustiness and you are looking for somewhere to chill while you are in the Somerset area, you can come and try the playground next time 🙂


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