Sit And Chill

Today was quite a typical Sunday. We went to church and then went for lunch.

What I liked about today though, was the fact that I simply sat and chilled with Ben while Phoebie was taking a nap in her stroller.

20130804-215641.jpg With a cheesecake and a drink each, we sat and did nothing and occasionally chatted.

With quite a bit going on over the past few days, this was certainly a change.

Usually I would bring a book with me when we sat at a cafe. Today I had wanted to bring my latest knitting project with me but had forgotten because we left home in a hurry this morning.

I told Ben that it felt different to have nothing to do at all for 2 hours. And it certainly was a nice kind of different.

It felt good to put everything down, and simply sit. I watched people walk by and enjoyed the cake.

The simple 2 hours sitting at Starbucks made me realize how nice it can be to do nothing. No books, no knitting. Just sit and relax. I think all mums need a little bit of that every now and then, whether alone or with the husband or a friend.

Other than sleeping, most mums are practically always doing something, every minute of the day. With technology, it’s even worse sometimes. We are searching for good deals, or catching up on the latest happenings in our friends’ lives.

How often do we do nothing? Just do nothing. Sit and drink a nice cup of coffee or tea and let the mind rest.

I did it today. It wasn’t planned but I think I like it. And maybe I should plan to do nothing. Maybe just once a week and it should refresh me.


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