Little Treat

After a busy weekend (with a freelance emceeing assignment, and then shaving my hair at Hair For Hope, and then attending a wedding), it was time to wind down today and pamper myself a little bit by getting my nails done again. Hahaha..

I had a very good experience doing my first gelish nails at One-threenails the last time, and decided to go back there.

20130731-002908.jpg The night before my appointment, Gwen the manicurist spent some time discussing with me about what design I would like this time. She knew I had my hair shaved and thought it may be fun to have something to suit the new look. I told her that I had some polka dots on my toe nails the last time, so I didn’t want a repeat so soon. She suggested that we mixed and matched from these 2 sets of designs and create something I like, and I agreed.

20130731-003547.jpg This was my first time doing a soak-off for gelish nails, and I was rather amused and curious about the individual wrapping of fingers. Gwen patiently explained that different places may use different methods for soaking off gelish nails and this was one of the methods.

While the finger nails were soaking off, Gwen went to work on my toe nails. The whole time, Gwen made it a point to check on me, asking me if I felt heat in my fingers. She told me that some people may feel their fingers getting warmer because of the chemical reaction. I appreciate the fact that she checked on me every few minutes, making sure my fingers don’t get hurt in the soak-off process.

We decided to do different colours for manicure and pedicure today.

20130731-004336.jpg Tadah! The improvisation that Gwen painstakingly and meticulously did for me 🙂

20130731-004456.jpg And this is the nail colour Gwen suggested for the pedicure 🙂 I love this one because I love blue. This is also the first time Gwen did a pedicure for me.

I told Gwen that her pedicure is probably the gentlest I’ve ever experienced. And yet the effects are just as good. Sometimes after a pedicure, I still feel rough skin on the sole of my feet but not this time.

Thanks again to Gwen, I have fresh nail coats both on my fingers and toes and I feel good 🙂 Aaahh… My mood is so much better now.


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