Children and Imagination

Now that Phoebie is talking in sentences, the things she says never fails to amaze and amuse us. Her ability to imagine and make believe is enhanced as she narrates the things she does.

20130729-213921.jpg Just as she was having her afternoon snack, she told me that she was having a picnic. I think the idea came from the fact that her snacks were put on a tissue paper, making it look like a picnic blanket.

20130729-214046.jpg One of her favourite things to do is “make trumpets” with her blocks. Sure, we could just get her an actual toy trumpet, but she seems to really enjoy “making music” this way. She would go “doo doo doo doo” in all kinds of tunes, as if making her own songs.

Sometimes, we would play along and make funny tunes with her. She would always double over with laughter after that.



20130729-214432.jpg Another one of Phoebie’s many exhibition of her imagination is to “make birthday cakes”, and then sing birthday songs and blow out the “candles”. She always ends everything with a big “Yayyyyy!”. Haha…

I’m sure the way Phoebie plays is common with most children, pretending that one thing is something else. But what I’m trying to say is, imagination is indeed a big part of children’s growth. I’m sure we all remember something we used to play out in our own imagination when we were kids.

Sure, in the process of imagination play, there’s bound to be some form of mess, but some messes are worth ignoring, at least in that hour that your child is enjoying her play.

20130729-220317.jpg I like this portion of the article from that teaches parents how to accommodate children’s imagination. Encouraging children’s imagination is important because it helps develop creativity and language abilities, but it always also important to keep ourselves sane too! Haha…


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