Wedding Lunch

We attended my friend’s wedding today at Hotel Fort Canning. =) Reithna and I have known each other for… 16 years, and it’s awesome to be able to attend her wedding celebration.

I told her beforehand, that Ben and I would be bald when we attend her wedding and she was totally supportive about it. I know that as Chinese, the older generation can be sensitive to how guests look, but Reithna’s parents and in-laws were all super nice about it.

Quite naturally, some of the guests stared for a while but the moment I explained that we shaved our heads at Hair For Hope, in support of children with cancer, they went about their own business.

My dear friend Ning was a pioneer in supporting Hair For Hope. She did her shave in 2010 and she certainly gave me a lot of courage to do the same.

Reithna looked gorgeous!

The wedding lunch was a simple and intimate affair with a pretty good wedding band. The best singer of the day was of course the groom. =D He certainly made his beautiful wife smile.

Phoebie absolutely loved the wedding favour and said it was her earring. Hahaha…

photo 2
She saw us taking photos and said she wanted to do the same. Thank goodness she doesn’t know how to turn the camera on yet, we switched it off and let her meddle with it for a while.

We had fun at the wedding lunch, catching up with friends and more importantly, celebrating the union of 2 wonderful people.


Wedding lunches are getting more common in Singapore these days. Like a wedding dinner, it can run late and children who attend usually pass their nap time. Phoebie totally went past her nap time today, but she was having fun at the celebration, and we didn’t want to force her to sleep.

She finally napped at 5pm when we got home. 5pm may be close to dinner time but we felt that she still needed to rest for a while because she might get cranky by dinner time otherwise. When she woke up, it was almost 7pm, 2.5 hours away from bedtime. Hahaha… So I guess we didn’t expect her to fall asleep on time for the night.

True enough, she only fell asleep for the night close to 11pm. While she has school tomorrow, I think we didn’t want to be hard on her for sleeping later than usual because it isn’t her fault. And I think it’s okay to be flexible with her routine once in a while. Not every day, but once in a while.


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