Takashimaya Baby Fair

20130724-221603.jpg That’s right, the Takashimaya Baby Fair is back! This is actually one of my favourite baby fairs to go to. It’s not a big venue, because it’s held at Takashimaya Square, which is at basement 2, right in front of the water fountain. But I like it because it’s got pretty much everything a first time mum needs to get, plus things you don’t need. Haha…

The things at this baby fair are nicely categorized, so it’s like shopping for baby stuff in a departmental store, but at baby fair prices.

20130724-222058.jpg This is what the fair features this time.






20130724-222249.jpg On top of all these, there’s also a lot of toys and even diapers on sale.

I went today because a group of us is getting a stroller as a baby gift for a friend.

20130724-222455.jpg The expectant parents chose the 2013 Peg Perego Pliko P3 Compact and I went to make the purchase today.

In 2010, my friends went to the same fair to buy Phoebie’s stroller. In 2011, we went to the same fair to buy the stroller for another baby. This year, we are back there to make another purchase for another gift. 😀

20130724-222718.jpg This adorable toy came free with our purchase, so our friends’ baby has one more gift on top of the stroller.

The Takashimaya Baby Fair started today and will be held until 11th August.

If you are pregnant, I suggest that you try to beat the weekend crowd and go on a weekday or weeknight. It can get very crowded.

Happy baby shopping!


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