Renovation – Wall Decoration

Having the opportunity to do a minor renovation is like starting the house on a clean slate. I’ve been thinking about how I can decorate the walls so that the house doesn’t look too boring.


20130722-222100.jpg we had this bible verse from and we loved it. There’s extra meaning for us because this was also the bible scripture shared during our wedding.

20130722-222312.jpg We also had this wall decal near the entrance to our house. This was a gift from one of our friends and it added a simple yet nice touch to our otherwise plain wall.

Now that we are discussing renovation details with our interior designer, I am beginning to look at what to do with the walls again. I know there are many places to buy wall decals nowadays but we really like Decorettestore, so we are going to get their products again.

20130722-222650.jpg One of the things that caught my attention this time was the paint rollers. The effects look like wall paper and adds a different touch to the wall.

20130722-223010.jpg I’m also looking at options for Phoebie’s room. Again, I know there are a lot of wall decals sold in shops and at push carts now, designed to the liking of children. I don’t particularly like those because a child’s favourite character can change. So I like the kids series that Decorettestore has. Some of them are colourful, some of them are not. So depending on what kind of feel I want for Phoebie’s room, I can choose from the very big variety they have.

20130722-223720.jpg I also saw the monogram series and really like how the names can be customized. Something to consider. πŸ™‚

Other than wall decals, we have decided to add a full length mirror onto one of the walls in the living room. This is to give Phoebie somewhere to doodle if she wants to. We let her draw on the balcony doors at my parents’ place with crayola window crayons and she loves it. The mirror will be near the entrance, so it will be a good place to check how we look before we leave the house. Hahaha…

Can’t wait for the renovation to start! πŸ™‚


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