Photo Shoot For A 10-month-old

I recently did a photo shoot for my friend’s 10-month-old little girl and with her permission, I’m going to share the photos. Oh, but first, I must clarify that I am a photography fanatic, but I’m not professional. I learn a lot from my friends who are professionals by asking for advice and tips (thank God for friends who are ever willing to share!).

So.. here are the photos!

Tadah! Presenting the beautiful and adorable Thea! =D Oh, and by the way, this entire shoot was done at Thea’s home. The backdrop in the photos above is actually her big brother’s blanket. =) I thought it would make an adorable background.

The backdrop for the 2 photos above is actually a plain white bath towel. The texture of the towel creates some contrast and the white colour brings out her pretty pink outfit.

This next background is one of the walls in the living room. Thea’s Mummy, Elaine, kindly lent me the white towel from the previous background and lined it on the floor. So after some (rough) editing, the background looks like some studio backdrop.

The photos above were taken in the bedroom. I would think that this is one of Thea’s current favourite places, so she was super comfortable in here.

I especially loved the last part of the photo shoot because Thea’s big brother, Thaddeus, joined in the shoot. You know how much they love each other when you see how they smile and laugh together.

The entire shoot took all of… one hour. Hahaha… In one hour, I took more than 200 photos.

It was a very pleasant experience because I know Thea quite well and I had the chance to capture her one-toothed moments.

Thanks to the opportunity that I had with Thea, I learnt that:

  1. As per a photo shoot with any child or baby, it is important that the baby is fresh from a nap. Thea was a little sleepy by the time we started, so she was a little cranky at some points.
  2. Almost any piece of fabric, as long as it is big enough and the colour and texture compliments the child’s clothes, can be used as an improvised backdrop. 2 such backdrops in this shoot were Thaddeus’ polka dot blanket and a solid white towel.
  3. It helps not to use flash. (To be honest, I didn’t have flash because I forgot to charge the batteries but) Not using my flash helped because I later remembered how Thea would blink whenever I used my flash to take gathering photos.
  4. Having ample natural lighting is important because it makes up for the lack of flash light. The natural lighting can be “created” by turning on all the lights in the room, opening the windows and curtains during daytime, and using movable lamps to help add brightness.
  5. A fast shutter speed is important because like toddlers and older children, babies move fast. A slow shutter speed will result in blur photos.
  6. To compensate for the shutter speed, the aperture control of the camera is important because it contributes to the brightness of the photo.
  7. Having rapport with the baby is important. Because Thea knows me and I spent time warming up to her before we started the photo shoot, she is comfortable with me and is willing to smile for the camera.
  8. A photo shoot for a baby is possible at home and might just be the best place. The baby knows the place well and is comfortable with everything that is there.
  9. The baby may not always want to do what you want her to, so just let her guide you. We wanted to let Thea play with another toy but she “insisted” on playing with the Mickey Mouse Aeroplane, so we just let her.
  10. Comfortable clothes matter. When the baby is comfy in what she is wearing, she is happy. When she is happy, she will smile.
  11. Being Spontaneous matters. Thea’s big brother wanted to join her in the photo shoot and when we let him, she smiled and laughed with her brother. Thaddeus also knew how to make Thea smile even when he wasn’t in the photos, so having him around helped.
  12. Take the cue from the baby. If the baby is showing signs of unhappiness or crankiness, and after several attempts to get her to play, she is still cranky, it’s probably time to call it a day.

All in all, I had lots of fun with Thea in the photo shoot. Thank you, Elaine, for letting me do the shoot for your girl, and thank you Thaddeus, for making your baby sister smile. =)


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