Sea Aquarium Outing

We went to the Sea Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa with our friends today. It was our first time there.

To get to the Sea Aquarium, we had to walk through the Maritime Museum.

ImageImage The exhibits in the museum were actually quite interesting but because we got there at 4.30pm, there was a long queue into the Aquarium, so we didn’t spend much time on the exhibits.


While the parents were queuing, the girls were entertaining themselves.

When we finally got in after queuing for about 30 minutes, the girls were immediately drawn to the gigantic fish tank.

Somewhere in the middle of the Sea Aquarium, there was a touch pool where people could queue up to touch starfish, sea cucumber and even baby sharks. I liked that there were staff located there explaining patiently to patrons about what they saw and touched.

And now, pictures of some of the marine life we saw:
When I saw the crab and the lobtser, all I could think of was how delicious they may be. Hahaha..

We stopped at the super big tank and the kids had some snacks. It was good to have break time because the kids wanted to walk and even run, but the whole place was so crowded, especially at the various fish displays. It was a little annoying and worrying at the same time when Phoebie didn’t follow “the flow of traffic” sometimes. Thank goodness we didn’t lose her in the crowd.

This was our little momento from the trip.

Overall, I think we enjoyed ourselves. It was educational for the kids and it is certainly worth spending time to go to the Sea Aquarium as a family.

Few things to note though:
1. Keep a close eye on young children. They can get lost in the crowd.
2. Bringing a stroller can be a hassle because it can be hard to move through the crowd, unless you don’t care about people who keep giving you dagger-stares when you accidentally knock into their feet.
3. Have lots of patience and energy because the kids are gonna want to stay at certain tanks for a long time, and then round back and forth at certain points.
4. Don’t take photos with flash. The flash will bounce off the glass tanks, and you are not allowed to use flash anyway.


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