Aircon Installation

Today was aircon installation day, and boy am I glad that we are not staying home while the whole thing was going on. I didn’t know that it will be so dusty.


20130719-222138.jpg That’s our new aircon system and the new insulation. We got a Mitsubishi system 4.

20130719-222259.jpg Bye bye, old aircon.

20130719-222344.jpg Poor Phoebie couldn’t stand the drilling noise and ran to Ben. In the end, I told Ben to bring her out to buy lunch so that she didn’t have to endure the noise.

20130719-222456.jpg When I saw the technicians put up the aircon, I was seriously scared that they would drop it because they looked like they were struggling.

20130719-223244.jpg Finally we have aircon in the living room.

The whole system change took an entire day, and the whole house house is now super dusty. I think I will faint if our things had been unpacked. Thankfully the next phase of our home touch-up will not be so dusty.

We also met up with our Interior Designer today to discuss what we wanted to do with the house before we moved back. Hopefully the work can start soon since we are very clear of what we want and it’s not going to be a major reno.

The last time I asked Phoebie what colour she wanted her room to be, she told me she wanted pink. It was a surprise to me because she has always shown a preference for blue. I thought she will forget what she told me last week about having a pink room. This afternoon, without anyone saying anything, she reminded me ,”Mama, can I have pink in my room please?”

So yes, her room is going to be pink. Hahaha…


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