Furniture Shopping

Today is round 1 of furniture shopping.

We had shortlisted some stuff we wanted from Ikea and went to take a look at the actual things.

We had lunch at Ikea Tampines and were pleasantly surprised they had changed the layout of the cafe. Not sure when they did that but I liked the change because the whole place felt brighter.



20130718-221449.jpg This is how the play area looks like now. It definitely has more things for kids to play with than the old play area. Plus, all the toys there are Ikea products, so I guess if the kids really like what is displayed, parents can also buy something similar.

20130718-221846.jpg Initially, I wanted this shelf for one of the walls in the living room, but after measuring, we realized the area would be too tight.

So I shortlisted another shelf.

20130718-222011.jpg This was our other choice but the moment we saw the actual thing, we felt that it is not suitable.

This also made me feel that as like buying clothes, seeing the actual furniture before deciding to buy is very important.

20130718-222314.jpg This was our final choice because it is closer to what I initially wanted. The best part is, it happens to be on sale! Hahaha… It’s $129 $79! Fantastic deal!

20130718-222602.jpg We got this for our kitchen because we already have one that is the same. And it is 5cm shorter than other similar kitchen islands in Ikea, so the rest are not compatible with what we have at home.


20130718-222840.jpg These cabinets will go into Phoebie’s room.

Buying these two cabinets for Phoebie was quite an adventure because we can choose different colour combinations, so at the self collect shelves, we had many parts to collect.

Thankfully, the staff helped us make a list based on the combination we wanted.

20130718-223106.jpg So with the list they made for us, we went to pick out everything that was needed.

20130718-223205.jpg Thank God for a very strong husband who could carry everything into the trolley.

Not sure how long this thing has been going on but today, I also found out that Ikea membership is now free.

20130718-223333.jpg Just look for this kiosk and sign up to be part of “Ikea Family”.

20130718-223659.jpg This is what the card looks like.

All in all, today was a fruitful trip because we got quite a few things settled. And because some of the items we bought were on sale, we ended up spending lesser than expected.

The Ikea sale is still on now and ends 24th July, so if anyone needs something for the household, you can go take a look.


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