Strollers and Attachments

I saw this on my Facebook newsfeed and thought it might be helpful for all mummies who use strollers.

Not too sure if all are available in Singapore though.

Oh, and while we are looking at stroller attachments, we might as well learn how to choose a stroller.

Based on my personal experience, parents will probably end up with at least 2 strollers – a sturdy and padded fully reclinable one when the baby is younger and a lightweight one for travelling. That is also the case for most of my friends.

When the baby is young, we all want a big and sturdy stroller that is padded so that the baby is comfortable. And as mentioned in the video, the stroller needs to be fully reclinable when the baby cannot hold his own head yet.

But as the baby grows, we realize that the big stroller is too heavy to handle, especially if there’s no lift access to your home, or if you need to take the bus and carry the baby in one hand n the stroller in the other.

Enter the lightweight or umbrella stroller. Easy to fold, lightweight, and baby still gets to be comfortable.

The two strollers we own are all from Peg Perego. We have the Pliko P3 and the Pliko Mini.

I like Peg Perego for its sturdiness and the good balance. (I think I have shared this before) I can hang quite a lot of things on the strollers and even when Phoebie is not sitting in it, the strollers do not topple.

What is most important at the end of the day is to try out the models you like and see if the functionality of the stroller suit your needs. One good place to try many strollers all on one trip is at a baby fair. And baby fairs are getting more common and regular in Singapore, so all we have to do is to google and we will find out where and when the baby fairs are. 🙂


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