Cleaning Up

And so, the cleaning of our house begins.

We have plans to paint the walls and do some minor work in the living room, so we only cleaned the floor there.

The kitchen is generally well-maintained by our tenants, but I knew there are places they never touched, and I was determined to clean the entire kitchen so that I could unpack all my kitchen ware first.

20130716-154835.jpg I bought this bottle of cleaning clay at John Little Mega Expo Sale last night at $10 and decided to put it to the test on all the greasy spots.

20130716-155230.jpg This was my oven before cleaning.

20130716-155310.jpg And this is after I used the cleaning clay. Pretty impressive I must say.

After the oven, I went to work on the top of my dryer.

20130716-155427.jpgOur tenants told us they never used the dryer, and I guess no one checks the top, so the amount of grease from cooking coupled with dust over the past two years made a mean mess. I tried to scrub the dirt with a damp cloth and it barely cleaned much.

And then I thought of trying the cleaning clay again.

20130716-155631.jpg Tadah! Pretty much effortlessly, the mess of stain came off!! Now I really like the cleaning clay. A lot of work and power for $10.

When I started cleaning the hood in the kitchen, I decided to remove the filters and clean them. It seemed a little tough at first, and I decided to use the clay again.

20130716-160111.jpg On the left is the greasy part and the right side is where the clay did magic.

I’m pretty thankful I bought the cleaning clay and am considering going back to the John Little sale to get the other clays in the same series so that I can clean the windows.

After about 4 hours, I managed to clean my shoe shelves, the cabinets in the living room and about 75% of the kitchen. Now it’s left with the dishes and then I can unpack my kitchen ware. Can’t wait to get that done.


5 thoughts on “Cleaning Up

  1. I think I saw the cleaning clay at Isetan, Parkway Parade, selling at $10. Was thinking of buying at that time, but don’t know how effective. Now that you have tried, (even cleaning away the grease that have been there for 2 years) I think I should buy it for my mum too. Thanks for sharing!

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