To The PD

Phoebie has been coughing for the past few days and gets woken up by her own coughs when she is sleeping. This disrupts not only her own sleep but ours too, because she doesn’t feel comfortable and will look for us.

I decided to bring her to see her pediatrician (PD) and get some help.

When it was Phoebie’s turn, she said, “No, I don’t want to go in to see the Doctor.” That was when her PD, Dr Lim Kwang Hsien told her, “Hey, I have some toys inside. You want to come in and take a look?” And so she walked in.

Dr Lim was Phoebie’s first PD when she was born and the only time she didn’t see him was when we were in the US. By the time we came back, Phoebie was aware of what Doctors do and didn’t like going into their rooms.

Dr Lim patiently showed Phoebie some toys and asked her if she wanted to sit on his table to play. I was surprised when she actually allowed Dr Lim to carry her onto the table. He then got Phoebie playing with some blocks and even sang a nursery rhyme with her before he asked me why we were there.

20130715-221215.jpg Thanks to the rapport Dr Lim patiently built with Phoebie, she sat nicely, playing with the toys and was very cooperative when he asked her to open her mouth and to look up.

I know PDs are specialized in children’s health but because of their long queues, not everyone takes time to help the child get comfortable before examining the child.

Thank God for Dr Lim who, despite already working into his lunch time and still having patients behind us, still took time for Phoebie to settle down.

I also liked that Dr Lim didn’t prescribe heavy medication, so Phoebie can build some anti-bodies. I have heard of PDs who put children on nebulizers when there are signs of cough or drippy nose, which can prove to be too much for certain ailments.

Now, I hope Phoebie’s cough goes away soon so that she can sleep well at night.


2 thoughts on “To The PD

  1. yeah, PD visits are a hassle…long waits and lots of people… not to mention infectious diseases all around the clinic… but it’s also a good thing that these PDs are well trained and patient enough to deal with cranky kids… Faith on the other hand have no problem with her PD, and in fact ask to go to the doctor every time she has a little cough or she feels she’s unwell… “mommy, i cough, i want to go doctor”… haha… hope this does not become a serial habit to pontang school next time!

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