We Got Our Home Back

After slightly more than two years, we finally got our home back. The tenants moved out today and we did the handover.

After dinner, we brought Phoebie to see the home she grew up in till she was 8 months old and we left for the US.

20130714-230234.jpg It was nice to see how comfortable she was in our home.

20130714-230355.jpg I’m really thankful that our tenants maintained our kitchen pretty well. This is the first place I’m going to clean and unpack the boxes for.

20130714-230700.jpg This is like 1/4 of what we will be unpacking once the walls are painted. Oh my…

20130714-230837.jpg We’ll be getting some new shelves and so there’s quite a bit of measuring to do.

20130714-230921.jpg Phoebie saw me sweeping and immediately wanted to help me. I pray that this enthusiasm for cleaning continues as she grows up. Haha…

I asked Phoebie what colour she wants her room to be, and after I named her some options, she thought for a while before saying pink. Okay, so one wall will be pink. The other will have to be a more neutral colour.

It’s exciting that we are finally going to move home soon but on the other hand, I have mixed feelings about moving out from my parents’ place. I certainly appreciate them cooking dinner almost every day and having Phoebie spend time with them.

I guess I should focus on what is more important and exciting, which is to get back our personal space and also to give my parents back their space, since their place has been cluttered by our boxes for the past few months.

So for now, it’s onward to a minor renovation, and a major unpacking!


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