Girls Like “Boys’ Toys” Too

Recently, I noticed that Phoebie likes to play with cars. When we visit friends who have boys at home, she goes first to all the toy cars.

When we were shopping at Metro just now, she walked past the Barbie Dolls display, took one look and walked away. She then walked past the cars display.

20130713-221436.jpg There, she stopped and said, “I want to play with cars.”


20130713-221553.jpg Ben and I decided to get her some cars.

20130713-221824.jpg She was so eager to play with the cars, she wanted to pay immediately.



20130713-221940.jpg When we got home, she immediately wanted to play with her new Hot Wheels set.

One important lesson we have learnt with Phoebie is not to gender-type when it comes to toys for kids. Girls don’t necessarily like dolls, and boys don’t necessarily like robots (one of my SAHM friend’s little boy loves kitchen sets).

When we walk into a toy store with our kids, it’s interesting when we let them walk around on their own and let them choose what they like. Phoebie likes to look at cars, Lego sets, stuffed toys, musical instruments and kitchen sets. The things she like are not all “girly”, and not all “boyish” either. She likes to explore and try different things, based on her interests.

I’m not worried about her liking things that are “boyish” because she also likes to dress up, get her hair tied and tell me she is a princess. Her curiousity for different genres of toys will probably develop her skills differently too.


2 thoughts on “Girls Like “Boys’ Toys” Too

  1. same! Faith love balls since young, and have always wanted to get any types of balls EVERY TIME we are out… we have to refrain from getting more balls cos there are just too many of them rolling around at home… and when she went toy buying with her cousin and their uncle, instead of choosing a dessert making dough set, she chose… yup, a basketball device thingy… and her boy cousin on the other hand chose the ice cream dough making machine… oh well… let just let them play whatever they want… any form of play is a learning opportunity!

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