Sales On – Shopping Day

One of the things that SAHMs like is Sale. Or, well, who doesn’t like sales? Hahaha…

I went to Vivocity with my friends today and went to some of the sales there. I love Vivocity because it’s big, which means all kinds of brands are available there, and because it isn’t not crowded on weekdays. Oh yeah, SAHMs have the privilege of shopping on weekdays, not having to squeeze with weekend crowds. ;P

We went to H&M, and found a lot of $10, $20 deals.

20130711-212605.jpg I got this dress at $20.

20130711-212710.jpg These apparels, marked with a “x3” tag, were 3 for $30. Individually, they cost more than $15 each.

The clothes that I bought came in other colours too.

After H&M, we moved on to Mango where we knew there was also a sale going on. After trying a few pieces, these were my buys:

20130711-213354.jpg Got this top at $12.

20130711-213435.jpg This pair of shorts was $19.

20130711-213522.jpg Last but not least, this dress was $39.

I wanted to go back to Mango again for the sale, so I asked the staff when the sale will end, and she told me the sale is on while stocks last.

I like shopping on weekdays because there is no queue for the fitting room. As a SAHM, it is important to me that I buy what is suitable for me, which means I MUST try the clothes. This is a step I used to skip but I would sometimes end up with clothes that looked nice on the rack but not nice on me.

Another reason I like shopping on weekdays is that the husband is working, which means he doesn’t have to wait for me while I shop and end up getting bored. Hahaha…

I must admit that I am not someone who follows trends and the latest fashion, because I believe that not everything that is “in” will suit me, which is why I don’t mind waiting for sales. Sales also mean not paying full price for things I like. So this way, I get new clothes at discounted prices. This is certainly important for saving money.

Now, why am I shopping at sales when my concern is to save money? Hey, SAHMs need to feel good about ourselves too. When we dress well, or at least have the option to, we feel good about ourselves, and when we feel good, we are happy. When we are happy, we make better SAHMS. 😀 And shopping gives us a reason not to coop ourselves at home.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that we MUST shop every time we go out. We can also window shop, and only really shop when there are sales.

Oh, by the way, the John Little Mega Expo Sale is on now at Singapore Expo Hall 5 until 21st July. And there is Baby Baby Exhibition at Hall 6A from tomorrow until Sunday.


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