Haircut Day

Phoebie’s fringe has gotten kinda long, and I finally decided to bring her to get a haircut.

When she was much younger, I would cut her hair because it was too hard to get her to sit still or not be scared of the hairdresser.

20130710-141802.jpg I used to put her favourite programmes on TV and snip at her hair while she was distracted.

When we came back to Singapore, I stopped doing that because after all, I am not professional and I sometimes cut her fringe too short. And when that happens, the poor girl has to wait for her hair to grow out of the awkward length.

Before heading for the salon, I told Phoebie that she was going to get a haircut. I think that helps prepare her mentally. I also told her that I had brought her favourite gadget along, so she could just sit and enjoy while her hair was getting cut.

20130710-142015.jpg That is how I get Phoebie to sit nicely in the chair – iPad with one of her favourite shows.

20130710-142141.jpg I like to bring her to my hairdresser because my hairdresser is patient with children. She talks gently with Phoebie and pays attention to Phoebie’s discomforts.

Some parents like to bring their children to hairdressers that have kiddy rides as the barber seat for the kids. As long as it works and the kids are able to sit still long enough for the haircut, I think it’s alright.


20130710-142514.jpg I make it a point to bring Phoebie to the same place for haircuts because she is familiar with the people and the environment.

20130710-142956.jpg And there we go, much neater and the hair away from her eyes. 😀

After she was done, I brought her to the provision shop nearby and let her choose a snack of her choice for doing a good job at the salon.

Some people may think that there’s no need to reward a child for just a haircut, but i think that it can be a big deal to the child, especially if she had fears about the haircut before. When Phoebie was younger, I would also praise her and congratulate her for sitting through her a haircut, telling her how nice and neat she looked.

I know Phoebie must have felt proud of herself for getting a haircut because we bumped into her classmate after we were done, and that classmate happened to need a haircut. Her grandma tried to tell the girl how easy it was by Phoebie’s example, and Phoebie happily said, “Phoebie get a haircut. Phoebie like a haircut.”

PS: Here’re some helpful links if your child is afraid of getting haircuts.


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