Zoo Outing

The kids had no school today, thanks to Youth Day, and so we brought the kids to the Zoo!

(By the way, the Zoo is 40 years old this year, and in celebration of 40 fabulous years, there is 40% off the entrance fee when you present the promotion coupon. Promotion is until end of July.)

Going to the Zoo always reminds me of this song:
“We are going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo
How about You, you, you
You can come too, too, too
We are going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo”.

I tried to teach Phoebie this song but I think she was too excited about the outing, because she kept telling me “I want to see giraffe!”.

20130708-215755.jpg To the Zoo we go!

20130708-215848.jpg My little navigator took a look at the map and all she said was she wanted to see the giraffe.


20130708-220055.jpg The first thing we did was to catch a show called “Rainforest Fight Back”. The information about how deforestation affects the natural habitat of animals is educational for children who are in primary school. For kids at Phoebie’s age, I guess it’s just about seeing animals do interesting things.

20130708-220435.jpg Phoebie was eager to see the animals on stage.

20130708-220337.jpg After the show, we took a quick group photo before we moved on.

20130708-220626.jpg One of the things I liked about this trip to the Zoo was the kids getting to explore this little igloo display at the Polar Bear enclosure.



20130708-220833.jpg We saw some other animals before we finally came to Phoebie’s requested animal, giraffes.

It happened that it was feeding time and people were queuing to pay and feed the giraffes. I thought it would be better for Phoebie to watch the feeding because I wasn’t sure if she would be frightened by the giraffe’s super long tongue.

20130708-221052.jpg I had to ask the nearest guy to take a photo for us and I thought it was quite nice of him to wait for the giraffe to be behind us before he took the picture.

We walked around a little more and tried to get the kids to nap before going for the Elephant show.




20130708-221400.jpg This was my first time watching the Elephant show and I must say that it was really enjoyable. I now have a new-found love for elephants because they are so intelligent and strong, yet playful and gentle at the same time.

20130708-221537.jpg Last place to visit for the day was the water play area.


20130708-221711.jpg Phoebie loved the water works, and so it was understandable that she was disappointed when the play area had to close 30 minutes early due to thunder warning.

After washing the kids up, we stayed near the play area for the kids to have their snacks. This is the first time I brought so many snacks to the Zoo, but I’m definitely glad that all of us did that because snacks are overpriced at the Zoo, and may not be healthy choices. We packed sandwiches, fruits and chips, so the kids had a variety.

By the time we were done with snacks, we were the only ones left at the play area and it was pouring. Thankfully, a Zoo staff came over and offered to get us a tram ride to a location much nearer to the main entrance of the Zoo.

I think we are all thankful that the rain only came at the end of the day, and the kids got to enjoy the animals.

It was a long and tiring day, but hey, how often do we go to the Zoo? And as long as the kids enjoyed it, it’s definitely worth the effort. 🙂


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