Lazy Sunday’s Brunch

When people talk about having brunch, one will usually think of egg Benedict, bacon, sausages, ham and bread. To be honest, my favourite kind of brunch is the local flavoured kind.

Because we had a late night yesterday, we ended up missing Church Service this morning (Oopsie), so we went to our favourite beef noodles store in Ang Mo Kio for brunch.


20130707-223814.jpg Hong Heng Beef Noodles is located at Blk 226H Ang Mo Kio St 22 #01-16. It used to be at Blk 233 in Ang Mo Kio and shifted to its current location after Boon Tong Kee bought over the coffee shop.

How much do I love Hong Heng Beef Noodles? Love it enough to eat there every week when I was pregnant with Phoebie. And now I wonder if that is why Phoebie likes it too. Sometimes on weekends, she will tell us that we are going to have beef noodles for lunch. Haha…

For a big generous bowl of beef, noodles and salted vegetables (they add bean sprouts too but my order is usually without) for $4, it certainly makes a very hearty brunch.

Ben and I are both glad that Phoebie appreciates Hawker Centre food as much as we do. Hong Heng Beef Noodles is definitely one of the top places we enjoy as a family.

20130707-225156.jpg Oh, and if you like you tiao, walk about 2 or 3 stalls to the left of Hong Heng. That stall serves pretty good fried delights like butterfly fritters, you tiao and hum chim peng.


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