Video Shoot

One of my old friends (yes, Nat, you are an old friend) contacted me recently and asked if we were interested to be talents in a video her company was producing for HDB. I thought about it and said yes. 😀

This is Phoebie’s first time acting, although, it probably wasn’t much acting for her because she was very happy to play with new toys at the location. Hahaha…

To prepare for the shoot that was in the later half of the afternoon, I made sure she napped earlier than usual. Thankfully, she woke up earlier today too, so it was easy to put her down for nap even though it was slightly earlier.

I was a little worried that Phoebie would be overwhelmed by the equipment and all the crew on set, but she managed things a lot better than I expected.


20130705-220834.jpg The whole shoot took about 3 hours, and because Phoebie’s role was to play and have fun, she enjoyed herself.

I wonder if she was surprised when she was playing halfway and I suddenly told her, “Hey, let’s play at the couch!” or “Hey! Shall we go sit on the bed?”.

Even if she was, she didn’t show it and took it all very well. I think it helps that I “acted” as her mother. Hahaha…

All in all, I think we had fun. 🙂 And Phoebie goes with the flow of things. The early nap definitely helped, because she was well-rested.

20130705-221300.jpg Here’s our “family” photo from the shoot!

Until the next time!


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