Paper Roll Art

Ben had to work a little later today, so I decided to let Phoebie do some painting after dinner, while waiting for her Papa to come back.


She must have remembered the last time we painted our hands because she told me she wanted to paint her hand.

As she was painting, I suddenly remembered this thing I saw on another SAHM’s blog that I have been wanting to do with Phoebie. On Mamapapabubba, Jen shares about the activities she does with her little girl, Gracen. One time, she shared about using paper roll and paint for Gracen to do some art work.

I remember seeing a paper roll in the kitchen this morning and decided to pick it up so that Phoebie can have some fun with it.

20130704-213424.jpg The paper roll for kitchen towel is long, so I cut it into 4 portions.

20130704-213512.jpg After cutting the paper roll, I pressed 3 of them into a square, a triangle and a heart shape. The last one was left as a circle.

20130704-213753.jpg We painted some colours over the shapes and then printed the shapes on the paper.

20130704-213846.jpg While printing the shapes, I realized we could do a little more, so I got to “expanding” the artwork.

20130704-214125.jpg With the circle, we made a caterpillar.

20130704-214211.jpg With the triangle, we made a tree.

20130704-214259.jpg With the square, we made a train.

20130704-214339.jpg And with the heart, we made, well, hearts. Hahaha…

So not only did we put what was a useless thing to good use, but we also had fun making all kinds of pictures with the shapes.

20130704-214700.jpg After we were done, Phoebie got the task of washing the brushes and palate. That kept her occupied for a good 15 minutes or so. I didn’t want to rush her because she was enjoying herself.

So there! One more thing to do at home! 🙂


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