Working Out at Home

One of the things I really miss about living in the US is the time I had to attend gym classes. I must be honest to say that I’m not always consistent about exercising but i certainly love a good workout.

Recently, one of my SAHM friends shared a series of workout videos with us that can be found on youtube. This series is conducted by Jung Da Yeon (郑多燕), a South Korean Mother who is in her 40s and shot to fame after losing a lot of weight. She is also known for looking really young and sexy.

Not saying that we all have to be Jung Da Yeon, but her workout videos are really convenient and provides a good workout in the comfort of your own home. Plus, if you dont have time for gym classes (like me), or if you are too shy to exercise with a group of people you don’t know, this is a great alternative.

Initially when my friend recommended this workout series to the group of us, I wasn’t too keen to use the videos for my workout because I felt constrained by the lack of space at my parents’ place. I told myself that I would only start trying the workouts when I moved back to my own place, where I had more space to stretch and move.

Then, during one of the days last month when we all hung out, my friend suggested that we try out the Mat exercise while the kids were all taking a nap.

Because the home we hung out at had a Smart TV, she showed us how to search for the videos using youtube and we all tried the Mat exercise together.

After trying this workout, I figured that if I play this video on the laptop and do the workout on my bed, I could still get some exercise done despite the lack of space in my room. 😀

I tried the mat exercise again yesterday and today I can feel the effects on some muscle groups in my body.

So I decided to look through the list on YouTube to see if there are other workouts under the Jung Da Yeon Figurerobics series that I can do with whatever amount of space I have.

And I found this one:

After doing the exercise for about 10 minutes, I could already feel the effects on my arms, and it felt good to be exercising again.

The series is conducted in Korean, and no, I do not understand Korean at all. But hey, it’s all action, so it isn’t that hard to follow. 🙂

Not saying that everyone has to work out like Jung Da Yeon to keep fit or look hot, but her videos are certainly a good alternative for mums who are unable to go out for a workout.

I try to do the workout while Phoebie is in school, but sometimes after catching up with all the chores, I barely have enough time to finish one workout. So yesterday, I did my workout halfway and continued with it after Phoebie came home from school. She wanted to join me and we ended up having fun exercising together.

20130703-122018.jpgMummy gets to work out, and the daughter gets to have fun. Pretty good deal for exercising at home! 😉


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