Gelish Manicure

I have a few events to do this month, and needed to get my nails done, and to make sure my manicure lasts, I finally decided to try the gelish manicure.

This is also my first time trying the service of One-threenails.

20130703-214636.jpg This is a home-based business, so the set up is simple and comfortable.

I wanted to make sure my manicure will last because my events are a couple of weeks apart, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted since it was my first time doing gelish manicure. Gwen, the manicurist, suggested that I do something simple with a gradient, so that when my nails grow, the colour difference is less distinct, and I decided to take her suggestion.

20130703-215339.jpg I was fascinated with the whole technology of using UV lights to dry my nails in a couple of minutes and Gwen patiently explained it to me. 🙂 She also checked with me whether I was okay with the heat in the UV lights machine.

20130703-215531.jpg Gwen offers various manicure services, and while I’m no expert at the “market rate” for mani/pedi prices, I think her price is reasonable. And it helps that she is gentle yet meticulous when she is doing my nails. I’ve had experiences in the past when I felt that the manicurist is removing my flesh instead of my cuticles, so I definitely appreciate Gwen’s gentle approach.

What makes me most happy is knowing my nails will last and won’t chip even with the amount of washing I have to do as a SAHM. Value-for-money with nails that look nice, definitely makes a SAHM feel good! 😉


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