Cleaning Up

Now that Phoebie is back in school, it’s time to clean up the mess that has been accumulated over the past month. With the haze and all, our room has certainly collected some dust. Time to whip out my favourite cleaning toy!


20130702-134802.jpg Tadah! Presenting my Dyson DC26! It’s a small but very powerful vacuum cleaner designed to suck up allergens. I got it a couple of months back when we were looking for appliances at the Harvey Norman Expo sale. The usual price is $700+ but we got it at $589 at the sale. This is also one of the many reasons I love the sales at Singapore Expo.

20130702-135812.jpg This small but powerful machine is good for cleaning beds and sucking out all the dust that are trapped in the mattress. Just use the right attachment for cleaning beds and clean away!

So instead of spending thousands of dollars on a vacuum cleaner that uses water to trap dust, this little fellow will do.

20130702-140422.jpg After cleaning up Phoebie’s mattress and plush toys, all I had to do was pour away the dust in the canister.

Dyson DC26 is a good buy for me because I get the Dyson technology and power and have a small and compact vacuum cleaner at a fraction of the price of bigger models.

Now that I’ve cleaned Phoebie’s bed, I’ll hv to clean our big bed tomorrow. Haha…


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